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Walk'n On Water - Mairehau Business Directory

Walk'n On Water

Mairehau ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Walk'n on water (WoW) is a community movement providing free events for youths, such as Easter Camp, surfing lessons, free guitar lessons, youth group...

Events & Venues, Christchurch 3 Shirley Rd, Christchurch, 8013 | Mairehau

Distinction Audio & Visual - Christchurch Business Directory

Distinction Audio & Visual

Christchurch ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

We retail, design and install high-end audio and visual solutions. From mid-tier home audio to high-end hi-fi or home cinema solutions. With us being ...

Online Shops, Christchurch 181 High Street, 8011 | Christchurch

Gig it HQ - Christchurch Business Directory

Gig it HQ

Christchurch ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Recruitement-based app focussed on making it fun and exciting to find a new role as with lots of incentives.

Recruitment Agency, Christchurch 6 Dunarnan Street Avonside, 8061 | Christchurch

Alex Furniture - Ennis Street Business Directory

Alex Furniture

Ennis Street ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Alex Furniture is a leading multi-brand furniture store in New Zealand. We offer quality sofas, beds, chairs, coffee tables, recliners, and more, at t...

Manufacturing, Christchurch Alexandra, Christchurch, 9320 | Ennis Street

Mike Pero Apex Group - Sydenham - Sydenham Business Directory

Mike Pero Apex Group - Sydenham

Sydenham ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Striving to deliver the best possible client experience, our salespeople execute each transaction with skill, care and a high level of competence. Our...

Property Agents, Christchurch 383 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, CAN-80, Christchurch, 8023 | Sydenham

A & K Cranes Crane Hire and Transport Christchurch - Rolleston Business Directory

A & K Cranes Crane Hire and Transport Christchurch

Rolleston ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

A&K Cranes and Mechanicals is a leading Crane operator business growing steadily and establishing its reputation by providing premium services at the ...

Machinery, Christchurch 790 Maddison, Weedons, Rolleston, CAN-7675, Christchurch, 7675 | Rolleston

9 Yards Financial Services - Christchurch Business Directory

9 Yards Financial Services

Christchurch ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Nineyards was founded by two mates Jonathan and Mitch who enjoy finance solutions and helping clients achieve all their financial goals. At Nineyards ...

Mortgage Brokers, Christchurch Unit 4/31 Carlyle Street, Christchurch, CAN-8025, 8025 | Christchurch

One Agency Your Place - Kaiapoi Business Directory

One Agency Your Place

Kaiapoi ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

We are a boutique real estate firm with national and international connections that has a strong focus on quality service and open communication. We a...

Property Agents, Christchurch Unit 4, 137 Williams Street, Kaiapoi, CAN-7630, Christchurch, 7630 | Kaiapoi

Professionals Christchurch Limited - Christchurch Business Directory

Professionals Christchurch Limited

Christchurch ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Reputable and locally owned, Professionals Christchurch Ltd is a full-service real estate and property management company fully committed to the commu...

Property Agents, Christchurch 33 Halswell Road,Hoon Hay, Christchurch, CAN-8025, 8025 | Christchurch

Heartland Property Inspections - Northwood Business Directory

Heartland Property Inspections

Northwood ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Heartland Property Inspections provides comprehensive and expert building compliance services in Canterbury, New Zealand. Proudly owned and operated b...

Surveyors, Christchurch 217 Johns Road, Northwood, CAN-8051, Christchurch, 8051 | Northwood

Essential Pestcontrol - Heathcote Valley Business Directory

Essential Pestcontrol

Heathcote Valley ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Pest Control Christchurch || Get in touch with Essential Pest Control if you need an Experienced Christchurch, New Zealand based Pest Control Technici...

Pest Control & Bugs, Christchurch 148 Port Hills Road, Christchurch, 8022 | Heathcote Valley

Forest Quip - Rolleston Business Directory

Forest Quip

Rolleston ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Firewood Cleaner | Wood Screener | Forestry Winch || If maintained properly forestry equipment can perform all the desired tasks i.e. Firewood Cleaner...

Equipment & Machinery, Christchurch 8 Branthwaite Drive, Christchurch, 7678 | Rolleston

Ti Ani - Wild & Organic Tea - Christchurch Business Directory

Ti Ani - Wild & Organic Tea

Christchurch ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Wild and organic tea from Aotearoa and around the world. Handpicked, ethically sourced, compostable packaging, traditional techniques and beneficial b...

Online Shops, Christchurch 33 Anglesea Ave, 8083 | Christchurch

Essential Pest Control - Heathcote Business Directory

Essential Pest Control

Heathcote ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

We are Owner Operators based in Beautiful Canterbury. We have over 30 years Experience in Domestic and Commercial Pest Control. Bird Control and Proof...

Pest Control & Bugs, Christchurch 148 Port Hills Road, Christchurch, 8022 | Heathcote

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