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Interior Design by A1 Flooring & Granite - Flooring & remodeling shop A1 Flooring & Granite has been a leader since 2008 in both Lewisville and Carrollton cities. We have been offering total solutions for finishing floors for over 20 years and are specialized in:

● Flooring Installation
● Carpet Installation
● Carpet Floors
● Kitchen Remodeling
● Bathroom Remodeling
● Hardwood Flooring

Finished floors simply have to be good, and that sounds very simple, but as far as we are concerned that is what it is all about, whether it concerns 100 or 30,000 m2. We think along with you and all parties involved in a project.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know exactly which type of floors or renovation services are the best choice in your situation.

A1 Flooring & Granite is active in residential and non-residential construction and renovation and transformation projects. We make floors, floating floors and cement floors for terraced houses and apartments, and for offices, hospitals and schools: we have the solution for every project.

Our team consists of 20 employees from our salesman and planner to the concrete technologists and all floor layers. Interested in working with us?

You can call us at (972) 315-8050, or send an email to [email protected] for more information regarding flooring and remodeling services in Carrollton and Lewisville. You can also visit our flooring shops in:


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