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109 Hastings St
Staten Island

or call us on 718 427 0968


Events & Venues by Balloons Lane - Hey party people! Listen up, 'cause I'm about to burst your bubble on boring decorations. At Balloons Lane, we're the confetti cannons of creativity, pumping up celebrations with balloon magic that explodes with joy. Our balloons aren't just floating ornaments, they're the superheroes of the celebration scene, saving the day from dull décor disasters.

We're talking top-notch, helium-powered heroes! No flimsy, sad sacks here. We source the best, brightest, bounciest balloons this side of the rainbow, so your party stays afloat all night long (even after a few too many bubbly beverages, wink wink).

But it's not just about the materials, folks. We've got a team of balloon artists with imaginations that soar higher than a hot air balloon on a sugar rush. They twist, they turn, they sculpt, they tie – transforming simple latex into masterpieces that'll make your jaw drop lower than a deflated pool toy.

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