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Security Services by Peterson Industrial Services LLC - Peterson Industrial Services is a company unlike any other. It is a company built on trust and integrity, a beacon of reliability in a world that sometimes flicker like a faulty lightbulb. Josh Peterson, the man behind the name, is a true son of the South. He carries the weight of experience in every step and years of hard work and experience in the electrical industry. He has wisdom that only comes from decades in the trade. Josh started Peterson Industrial Services from the ground up. A one-man show with a toolbox and a dream. Fixing any and all electrical issues in businesses and large plants with a handshake and a promise. His reputation has grown, not through flashy advertisements or gimmicks, but through the praise of satisfied customers. The company is made up of skilled electricians, each one sharing Josh's dedication to quality work and genuine customer care. It's not just about fixing wires and circuits; it's about building relationships and ensuring that the company stays rooted in it's core values - trust and dependability. As Peterson Industrial Services continues to grow, the focus is on mentoring young apprentices, passing down not just technical skills but the importance of treating every job as a promise to uphold a high quality of standards. We stand to be more than just a business that offers a much needed service and aim to be a symbol of reliability in a fast-paced world. We hope to redefine the electrical industry in Northwest Arkansas and beyond. If ever you need a trusted partner in the electrical industry, we are here for you!

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