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Houston, Texas, USA

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2339 Commerce ST

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Manufacturing by Sentinel Safety - Sentinel Safety, a premier provider of fire-retardant clothing in Texas, is dedicated to safeguarding workers in high-risk industries. Our mission is to offer superior protection against fire hazards through top-quality, innovative protective apparel. We understand the unique needs of professionals in sectors such as oil and gas, electrical utilities, firefighting, and industrial manufacturing, where safety is paramount. Our extensive product line includes flame-resistant coveralls, jackets, pants, and shirts, all meticulously designed to meet stringent safety standards. Each piece of clothing is crafted from durable, fire-resistant materials that ensure maximum protection while maintaining comfort and mobility. Sentinel Safety prioritizes the integration of advanced fabric technologies to enhance performance, offering garments that resist ignition, reduce burn injuries, and provide peace of mind in hazardous environments. Beyond product excellence, Sentinel Safety is committed to exceptional customer service. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific safety requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet their operational needs. Our team of experts is always available to offer guidance on selecting the right protective gear, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and maintaining the integrity of the clothing through proper care and maintenance

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